Edmonton Eavestrough

Welcome to Let It Flow Exteriors, Edmonton’s premier eavestrough installation company! Since 2017 we have provided specially tailored services to meet the unique needs of Edmonton homeowners. As a trusted name in the industry, we take great pride and in helping protect your property with our gutter services including installation, maintenance, and repair.

The Process:

Selecting Let It Flow Exteriors as your gutter company means opting for professionalism and expertise. First, one of of owners will personally come out your property to provide a estimate. This allows them to do multiples things. First, get an accurate measurement of the amount of gutter needed, meaning you aren’t going to be charged more at the end because something was missed. Next, this allows them to meet with you to go over any changes you want or issues you have with your current gutter system, such as downspout placement or leaves clogging your gutters. Lastly, this allows them to see any potential issues that you may not know about or that might not be visible to the untrained eye. Issues such as rotten fascia board, drainage/slope issues, and premature shingle ware are all common things we find on estimates. 

From there you are provided with a detailed digital estimate that shows everything you need to know to make an informed decision. This includes a detailed description of what we will be providing. This will outline whether or not removal and disposal of the eavestrough in needed/included, what product (5″, 6″ or European) we are providing, and what size of downspouts. It also includes the price, GST, and subtotal so you know exactly what you are paying. It will also show options for any upgrades such as Alu-Rex Leaf guard products, additional downspouts, and anything else that we think will provide you with a more robust eavestrough system.

Once the the quote is approved we schedule an tentative installation date. This is usually two weeks after the estimate is approved. Once a tentative date is provide we call you a couple of days before to confirm an exact date as external factors like weather and unforeseen issues can delay us. 

On the day of the installation we show up with our gutter crew and do a walk through of your property, confirming downspout locations, colour, and any other important detail. From their we take our measurements and our crew begins making the new continuous aluminum eavestroughing. During this time a crew member also begins removing your existing eavestroughing and downspouts, ensuring the upmost care is taken in order not to damage any of your property. Once the old gutter is removed we then began installing the new eavestrough, using only the best material avaliable. We ensure that the gutter is properly sloped to the downspouts via a 4′ level, after all water does not run uphill! We then install all the downspouts, using only 3″x3″ and it provides 30% more drainage then 2 5/8″ downspouts. Once we are done that we wipe off any potential handprints or dirt, move any lawn furniture back to where it was, and sweep up all the areas we were working. 

From there we do a walkthrough with you of your new gutter system. Showing you the downspouts, any accessories such as funnels or diverters, and any potential change in slope of your new gutters compared to your old ones. Lastly and most importantly, we ensure that your are 100% satisfied with your new gutter system!

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