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Continuous Aluminum Eavestoughing

We offer both 5″ and 6″ K-profile continuous aluminum gutter.

All of our gutters is made out of aluminum. This is our material of choice as it is rust-resistant, available in a variety of colors to perfectly match your home, and lasts approximately 20 years longer than steel.  With our gutters we only use hidden aluminum hangers, and a minimum of 1.5″ roofing screws for all installations.

Leaf Guard System

Double-Pro continuous hanger system by Alu-Rex is our leaf guard of choice. With a life-time guarantee against clogs, it is designed to stop leaves, pine needles and anything else mother nature throws at it. It also boosts a life-time warranty on the leaf-guard itself, providing the most extensive warranty in the industry. 

We also offer the T-Rex continuous leaf guard hanger system from Alu-Rex for when pine needles are not an concern. 

To find out more about Alu-Rex’s products, visit their website.

Custom Copper Eavestroughing

We are proud to be one of the only companies in Alberta that offers custom faux copper eavestroughing options. Made out of steel, our copper eavestroughing gives you all of the looks of true copper, but without the cost and oxidation, meaning your gutters continue looking like copper year after year. Available in 5″ & 6″ K-style eavestrough and in four different color patterns. 

Lindab European Gutter

Lindab European Gutters are a half-round gutter system designed and manufactured in Sweden. Available in 5″ and 6″ and in 9 colours to match your needs. With a wide range of product options such as multiple types of hangers and downspouts accessories, Lindab Gutters can adapt to any need.

Zinc coated and made of galvanized steel, Lindab is highly durable and long-lasting option compared to traditional gutter systems.

Lindab gutters are installed with a series of tight-fitting concealed gasket endcaps and hangers. This eliminates the need for any caulking, drastically lowering the potential for leaks compared to systems using caulking.

Soffits & Fascia


Soffits are the material that spans from the edge of the house siding (wall) to the edge of your fascia on your house exterior. Soffits serve multiple purposes. Soffits are mainly used for attic ventilation but can also add to curb appeal. Available in multiple color and product types to meet your project needs.


Fascia is the section of  board that runs underneath your roofline and provides a place for your gutter to be installed on. A solid fascia board is important therefore it is recommended that all fascia board is covered with cladding, typically referred to simply as fascia. This helps prevent moisture from rotting the board, and allows for it to maintain its color without needing to be painted every couple of years. The most common fascia cladding in Alberta is aluminum, but PVC and Hardie Board can also be used depending on your needs.


We offer multiple siding options, including vinyl, James Hardie Board, and metal siding. We can mix and match various materials in order to achieve any look you may desire.

Vinyl Siding

Available in over 30 colours, multiple profile widths, shakes, and board and batten, vinyl siding is the most budget friendly and most common siding option available.

James Hardie

Available in over 15 colours with multiple profiles including horizontal lap, board and batten, panels, and even shakes, James Hardie Board is an extremely versatile product. Moisture and rot-resistant, non-combustible, and resistant to pests. Hardie Board is worth the price due to its durability and lifespan.

Metal Siding

We offer multiple types of metal siding, from regular corrugated metal siding, to more designer LUX Architectural products. There are various profiles and designs to use as an accent or as a whole siding system.

Fuax Stone

Faux Stone offers the curb appeal of real stone, but at a fraction of the cost. We currently offer two types of faux stone, Boral Versetta Stone, and Clipstone.

Boral Verestta Stone®

A cement based stone board with a unique, mortarless design. It is installed with screws or nails, is quick and easier to install then traditional real stone, all while looking just like it. Available in three patterns and multiple colors to perfectly fit your needs.


A mortarless Stone Veneer, that comes in pieces opposed to boards, for a more realistic look than other veneer options. Cheaper than real stone but more expensive than other stone alternatives, Clipstone is available in two profiles and ten colours.

Commercial Eavestroughing

With experience installing commercial eavestroughing on church’s, warehouses, shops, condo buildings, and a magnitude of other commercial buildings, we have the experience and the know how to get your project done. 

Offering a range of products from 5″-8″ gutter, and an endless range of profiles and materials at our disposal, we are able to meet your needs

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