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Welcome to Let It Flow Exteriors, where quality meets durability in home exteriors. At Let It Flow Exteriors, we take great pride in being trusted in transforming homes through our vinyl siding solutions. Located in the heart of Parkland County, our commitment to provided excellence in our craftsmanship and customer service is reflected in ever square foot of our vinyl siding and every interaction. Whether you’re looking to enhance your homes curb appeal, increase energy efficiency through exterior insulation, or simply update its appearance, we have the perfect vinyl siding colors, profiles, and design options to suit your unique style and needs. 

Horizontal Vinyl Siding

Horizontal is the most common type of vinyl siding  installed in Parkland County. Available in two profiles: Dutchlap (also known as designer), and Lap (also known as traditional). Lap is most commonly installed on farm house type homes, although it is starting to be installed on new build and general homes as well. Dutchlap is what is installed on the majority of older homes (2005-1980s) and is the most common choice of sider for home owners looking to replace their exterior. 

Horizontal siding also has the most available colors of any vinyl profile. With each manufacture offering over 30 color options, you are sure to find one to fit your needs. There are also different sizes on the market with 4.5″ being the most common profile size, although 4″ is also available. 

Vinyl Board & Batten Siding

Board and Batten vinyl siding is a common choice for accent walls, gable peaks, bay windows, and even full houses. Available in many different colors, although not as many as horizontal vinyl siding, board and batten is a common choice for home owners looking to change up the appearance of their homes. The majority of vinyl boarding and batten has a 7″ width, although select manufactures have wider profiles available. 

Board and batten vinyl siding comes in 10′ lengths which limits its usage. This is because on walls over 10′ a transition piece is needed, this requires two pieces of J-channel with a piece of flashing between them. This can look unsightly and out of place on walls that are just above 10′, especially if they are right by your front door or on the front of your house. Therefore board and batten siding is usually only used on accent walls or gables, although whole house can and have been done with it.  

Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl Shakes are most commonly installed on house gables and accent walls in Parkland County. They are a great way to contrast to an otherwise plain wall and can help tie a house together. While there are a lot of houses shown online done completely in shakes, these are all in the States as the cost of vinyl shakes in Canada is about 4-6 times more then in the U.S.A and that is just for the material. 

Most manufactures offer shakes in all of the same colors as their horizontal vinyl siding, although some colors may not be available. 

Vinyl Shakes are also available in multiple profiles, with the shake size (7″ or 9″), bottom edge (straight across the row of siding or staggered), along with the shake appearance itself being different. The most commonly installed vinyl shake in Parkland County is a 7″ profile with a straight edge. This is because this profile results in less waste while installing and is thus cheaper then larger or staggered profiles.


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