Why do I need gutters on my house?

Many people wonder if gutters are a necessity to their home or just a decorative feature. This is most commonly asked by first time home owners who are looking to save costs when renovating and to protect the biggest purchase of their life. Truth is, gutters are indeed both a necessary item and a decorative feature. 

When installed professionally gutters add a crisp, clean finished look to your house’s roof line, giving it a picture frame finished look. With many different colors, sizes, and profiles available to choose from, it is amazing how easy it is to increase your homes curb appeal and value. 

Gutters are also one of the most important features in protecting your house from mother nature. It doesn’t matter if it is a soft rain for an hour, melting snow in the spring or a torrential downpour for the night, water adds up. When its not directed away from your homes foundation it can flood basements, cause erosion and structural instability. This is where gutters come in. The gutters collect the water running off your roof, and slope it towards the downspouts which runs down the side of the house. Then the downspout extends out away from your house (usually 5 feet) where the water can be soaked up by the ground or carried away. When properly installed this helps prevents any damage that might be caused by rain, or melting snow effectively protecting your investment and saving your potential tens of thousands of dollars in future repairs.