Lindab Half-Round European gutters

With all of the different gutter profiles on the market it is hard to choose the one best suited for your home. With so many different things to consider such as how large your fascia board is, the slope of your roof, or even what type of house you have it can be quite difficult to choose the best one for your needs. This is where Lindab European Gutters come into play. Providing not only elegance and beauty to your home but also unmatched efficiency as the perfect gutter solution for any house. 


Developed in Sweden using only the highest quality of steel, Lindab European Gutters are the unrivalled gutter option. Being zinc coated and finished with a high-build polyester paint means that not only do they sport beautiful colours, but it also provides longevity. This is achieved through their zinc ions which are naturally self-healing so that any cut or scratch they may endure is covered-up protecting it once again from the elements. Protecting it so well in fact, that Lindab European Gutters sport an average lifespan of 75 years, over double that of any other steel or aluminium gutter options currently available on the market.

The Option of Choice                                                                            

 Lindab European Gutters are currently available in nine elegant colors including white, multiple shades of grey/silver, two shades of brown, red, and  black. This allows you to be able to choose the option best suited for your project, whether it is matching your current fascia color to blend in, or adding grave contrast to your home in order to help it pop out and be a true show stopper. Add in the ability to have different colors on your downspout than your gutters, or even different hanger colors than the gutter itself and the possibilities are endless. 

Superior Design                                  

 The half-round design of Lindab European Gutter means water can flow more freely than in traditional gutter styles. This allows not only for water to be moved away from your house more quickly, meaning your gutter system is now more efficient, but it also means debris such as leaves are less likely to become stuck in your gutter system as the quicker moving water carries it away. This allows for not only the amount of maintenance needed to be lowered but also helps improve the long-term performance of your rainwater system.

Better Installation Techniques    

Unlike traditional gutter systems Lindab European Gutters require no sealant. Instead, it uses pressure-fitted concealed gaskets on all its end caps, corners, and gutter joint hangers. The absence of sealant and usage of a rubber gasket means there is virtually no chance for a leak to take place, meaning that you will never have that dreaded leaky corner again. The use of a concealed gasket also means it will never degrade as a result of being exposed to the elements, which is the most common cause of leaks in corners and joints which use traditional sealants. 

Choose The Best                                                                                           

At Let It Flow Exteriors our expertise in all things eavestroughing ensures the longevity and top performance of your eavestroughing system. Using only the highest quality products on the market such as Lindab European Gutters to ensure our customers get the product they deserve. Add on our 3 Year workmanship guarantee to give you the peace of mind you need to know your investment is protected. Serving Parkland County and surrounding areas we offer not only eavestrough services, but soffit and fascia, siding, and faux stone installation. Visit us at, Call 780-932-2810, or email us at [email protected] to get in touch and find out more.